New Lens Technology

Designer frames may help you look good, but the lenses are what allow you to see well. There are many options to make your lenses lighter weight, non-glare, bifocals without any lines, computer-use designs, transitions that offer sun protection when activated, and different material options that have crisper, clearer optics to give you not only the most optimal vision, but also the most cosmetically-pleasing eyewear available anywhere!

All the choices we offer can feel a bit overwhelming – we understand. That’s why our opticians are specifically trained to help you make the best decisions for your unique style, occupation and hobbies.

My Lifestyle Progressives: At Southeast Eye Associates we recommend optimum products to benefit our patients’ lifestyles and viewing satisfaction.

My Lifestyle progressive lenses are designed for what your eyes see throughout the day. My Lifestyle lenses have revolutionary technology with a custom shaped design and balanced view control each lens provides more precise vision with a completely personalized lens.

Along with with patented computer pin points, its balanced view control helps correct areas of discomfort by providing smoother adaptions between all viewing ranges and angles. This allows for natural eye and head movement.

EX3: Driving at night can pose a number of issues and challenges. The EX3 lens treatment helps reduce those blinding headlights by removing glare making your vision more comfortable and clear. The EX3 treatment provides superior scratch resistance by repelling dirt and dust making it easier to keep your glasses cleaner.

Recharge: Feel fatigued at the end of the day? Our eyes are not made for the demands and stress that we place on them in our digital lifestyle. Get Recharge’s treatment technology. It limits the frequency of light that emits from your mobile devices making your eyes feel “recharged”.